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How Eurolines Travel delivered great customer experience and their staff saved the day

March 31, 2011

Dear Eurolines Travel,

Wanted to share my great (almost horribly) experience we had today with Eurolines and Mihaela at the Bacau Arena Mall Travel Agency.

I arrived to the agency this morning to find our charter bus tickets were sold, unbeknownst to Mihaela the agent who took our reservations two days prior. She was very apologetic, but said the tickets were no longer available even though we had a reservation. It was beyond her control.

I left and returned back to where we were staying and chalked it up to big companies with people working for them that do not care for their customers. I was pissed and I didn’t car who messed up or why. All I knew was I didn’t have a ticket to leave Romania and now I needed to scramble to leave with only 2 days left on my travel visa.

We have plenty of big companies in the U.S. that treat their customers poorly. So, I figured I would make other arrangements and then be sure to share my world-travel experiences with Twitter and Facebook and various travel sites so others would be cautious about traveling with Eurolines.

They really screwed up my travel plans in a big way!

I was surprised when we got a phone call from Mihaela 15 minutes after I left. We were looking for air fair at the time and trying to scramble to make other arrangements. This was very stressful, to say the least.

Mihaela called and said she took care of everything and secured us two tickets as we had previously reserved. And apologised profusely for the trouble caused to Monica and myself.
SHE FIXED THE PROBLEM, WOW! That is customer service. and I didn’t even have to ask her. I left assuming the worst.

Mihaela fixed a problem she didn’t even create. And she was very professional and apologetic about the entire situation.

Being a word-traveler is a big challenge. I am happy to say Eurolines and Mihaela made our travel easier and will be #1 on my list for charter bus travel no mater where we go in Europe.

World travel is not about dealing with big faceless companies. It is about dealing with people directly one-on-one. We have had our fair share of horrible customer service while traveling, who hasn’t. I am convinced if more people traveled they have the opportunity to experience the good. It felt good to know somebody was looking out for us.  I wanted to share the positive experience we had, because all too often, we only hear about the bad experiences of world travel.

Thank you Mihaela and Eurolines

P.S. Eurolines Travel – Mihaela deserves a bonus or at least a phone call from the head office telling her how professionally she handled this entire situation. We will now be doing all of our travel through her and all of our charter bus travel through Eurolines. She fixed a huge, huge, problem.

P.S.S. Eurolines get your Twitter account active and you will see me sharing my experience’s there with the hashtag #Eurolines. You need a better social media presence and strategy on Twitter as you have no way of knowing I am also talking you up there.

P.P.P.S. Eurolines did not pay me in may way to say this. My problem was handled professionally and I am glad to share my good and bad travel experiences.

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