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The adventure of traveling with the World’s Library in my back pocket

February 11, 2011

Started reading Ebooks lately, due to the traveling, and to the fact that I don’t really see myself carrying tons and tons of books with me as I travel this beautiful planet of ours. It’s absolutely amazing to me to have access to almost all the books ever published in electronic format. Seems to me that we are definitely getting ready for a life in outer space, lightening our load as we take our spirits (so far) out of this solar system, and dive into the unending universe.

Avid reader AND traveling? No problem! The world’s library awaits you. Every book ever written-seems like that to me anyway, because I am finding EVERY book that I want to read-available at your fingertip, 24H per day! Now, how amazing is that?

I am currently reading 2 Timothy Ferriss books, 2 Kevin J Anderson books, 2 Ayn Rand books, 2 Plato books, 1 Charlaine Harris book, a Deepak Chopra book, Douglas Adams, Charles Yu, Gary Vaynerchuk books, and a few others. But the mind blowing fact is, I am reading these books all at the same time, carrying them all with me as I cross country borders, continents, and I am not adding an ounce of weight to my already oh so heavy luggage. The adventure of Ebooks on the road. LOVE IT!

About this book that I’m just done reading, hm hm, I LIKE. Star Dragon by Mike Brotherton, It’s a bit old in style, it ramps you up and then delivers the “bang” only partially. But I think that’s only because I am reading it after reading contemporary sci-fi, which is full of action, thrill, and excitement all around, with faster and faster action.
If you are to look at this book alone, suspended in time, this book is worth the time it demands to be read.
Mike Brotherton knows his science-or at least it seems like that to the “couch scientist” that I am. Technical terms abound, but don’t overwhelm the story, and you can easily follow the 500 year journey of this crew. Star Dragon is a book with great and innovative ideas in space travel too. So read on my friends, because that is a sure way to keep your brains working and pushing mankind into the new way of thinking.

Star Dragon

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